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London town, part 1

So, on half term in February my friend asked me whether I'd go on a holiday with her. I wasn't sure back then whether I should go or not but gave a little thought to it. She asked me again couple weeks later and of course I had to agree. We booked the tickets and started planning. The best thing was, that the holiday wasn't too far away so didn't have to wait for too long to get there.

Our destination was a place I've missed a lot. London. 
We landed around 6 o'clock. The flight was okay. I was too excited to relax and enjoy it though. Why is it that everytime you're going somewhere and even though you try to calm your mind down, the time time keeps dragging?

When we got to our hotel it was already quite late, 8 I think, so we went for a quick dinner in the pub nearby. 

Next morning which was Tuesday we didn't want to lose a minute, we woke up early and went for breakfast in the same pub we had our dinner the night before.
Oxford Street and it's shops were calling and we headed there with our stomach's full. Of course at some point we got hungry again so we decided to grab a lunch from Pret's and go for a picnic in Berkeley Park.
I've known for a while that there are parrots in the UK but have never seen one myself, so can you imagine my joy when I finally saw one in the park?! It was green and turquoise coloured. It had a nest on the tree next to us. Ah, the parrot was so beautiful!
We shopped the whole day and our feet were killing us on the evening when we got back to Islington where our hotel was. Anyway, we still needed to have a dinner so we left our bags in our room and headed in the pub again. They had a Steak Tuesday so of course we had to order steak both of us. And I'm not gonna lie, it was delicious!



The last couple of weeks have been hectic. I'll tell you about them both, but this post is all about the week before last week. 

So, the week after graduation I was enjoying life with no stress. Don't you think it's weird, when if you're not in school you might think it would be cool to be back. Like you think you wouldn't be suffering from different symptoms of stress and you'd do well in everyting and had the endless energy to study and get the highest grades. In reality when you get to school and it starts rolling in full speed, you realize you've lost yourself behind book piles and endless to do-lists. 

The first week I was free of stress and my to do- lists I realized I had all  the time in my hands. I felt a bit lonely not having to go to work nor to school and not having anyone around me. Luckily I was asked to work on couple of days and the crazy days started at Stockmann on Wednesday. 
I also met Laura in town, we did a lot of shopping. The rest of the week went buy way too quickly. I went shopping on the other days as well, and on Sunday I had my mum visiting me. We cleaned up my flat properly and packed as I was leaving for a holiday for the next week.

Gotta say, packing is not my thing anymore. I used to love it but after traveling so many times these past three years I've grown to hate it. Trying to figure out what you'll need the next week or so is not an easy task. At least it pays off when you get to your destination. 

I'm so happy my mum came to visit. She made us the perfect salad and we had so much fun. I'm so happy I've come to realize how lovely my mum is. She means so much to me. 



Three weeks ago I was celebrating a big event for me.


At the end of March I graduated and became a nursery nurse. 
I was so happy and proud of myself. It was a big milestone for me. Studying wasn't always as easy as you may think it was, especially when being a nursery nurse used to be my dream job when younger.
Working with children is rewarding and the best thing is to see the children's development. Still, I can't lie, I hated every bit of studying. School wasn't my thing. 

The fact that someone is always walking behind you like a tail and assessing your every move was bothering me on every placement. I felt like I couldn't breathe. The blame wasn't on my tutor's, they were really good and taught me a lot. The reason why I  felt it uncomfortable was that I knew what I was doing but I was scared that I would do something wrong even though I knew it what I did wasn't wrong.
 The biggest reason why everything was bothering me while studying was probably the fact that I had a lot of experience on child care in nurseries before starting my studies and I felt like I didn't learn anything new on our lessons at school. Most of the things I studied from books were obvious to me and I had already learnt those things at work. 
So, for months finding motivation was difficult and studying was a  nightmare. I was counting the days til graduation. 

On graduation day I was nervous as hell. I woke up early and had my hair done. Then the next 8 hours I only had to wait til the ceremony which was on the evening. The time was dragging and I found the perfect way to spend the afternoon.Listening to old favourite songs and singing along. All of a sudden I remembered how good the songs were and got huge flashbacks from the old times. 

The ceremony was short and nice, I was so proud of myself. I finally had a profession.
Since then I've been so happy and been at ease, no pressures of any due dates of papers that has to be done nor any placements. I'm just so happy my child care studies are over now and I can concentrate on doing my job as well as I can. 





Friday was a bank holiday and I enjoyed my first day off at home decorating my planner and watching films. Lately, and by lately I mean the past year or so, I've been in to arts and crafts. I've got loads of ideas, but so little time. Well, now that school's over I'm hoping to have some more time to spend on things I enjoy. 
This weekend's been wonderful, I've spent a lot of time with my family especially with my brother, and eaten way too much chocolate.
I hope you've enjoyed this long weekend as well,
Happy Easter! 


In with the new out with the old


It's been a long long time since I've been active here in my blog. A lot's happened during these months and you might hear about those months in the future, we'll see.

Do you know the feeling that comes creeping inside, telling you you should do something but you're not quite sure whether or not you should really do it. Well, that's what happened to me with blogging. I've felt like I should make a come back for a while but haven't been ready enough, until today.

It feels like now is the right time to wake up this old blog with new energy. Let's hope it won't be a one or two post thing. Just kidding, I've got loads of ideas and plans already and can't wait to blog about them!

You're probably wondering why I've changed everything to English, but while I was thinking about writing, it felt more natural to me than Finnish so therefore I decided to change everything in here as it would be weird if the blog posts would be in English and everything else in Finnish. Hope it makes sense to you as well!

Just to let you know, this upcoming month's gonna be quite busy so please be gentle as I haven't gotten used to blogging again, but I promise you it won't be forgotten this time! I'm doing my best and I'm enjoying it!