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London town, part 1

So, on half term in February my friend asked me whether I'd go on a holiday with her. I wasn't sure back then whether I should go or not but gave a little thought to it. She asked me again couple weeks later and of course I had to agree. We booked the tickets and started planning. The best thing was, that the holiday wasn't too far away so didn't have to wait for too long to get there.

Our destination was a place I've missed a lot. London. 
We landed around 6 o'clock. The flight was okay. I was too excited to relax and enjoy it though. Why is it that everytime you're going somewhere and even though you try to calm your mind down, the time time keeps dragging?

When we got to our hotel it was already quite late, 8 I think, so we went for a quick dinner in the pub nearby. 

Next morning which was Tuesday we didn't want to lose a minute, we woke up early and went for breakfast in the same pub we had our dinner the night before.
Oxford Street and it's shops were calling and we headed there with our stomach's full. Of course at some point we got hungry again so we decided to grab a lunch from Pret's and go for a picnic in Berkeley Park.
I've known for a while that there are parrots in the UK but have never seen one myself, so can you imagine my joy when I finally saw one in the park?! It was green and turquoise coloured. It had a nest on the tree next to us. Ah, the parrot was so beautiful!
We shopped the whole day and our feet were killing us on the evening when we got back to Islington where our hotel was. Anyway, we still needed to have a dinner so we left our bags in our room and headed in the pub again. They had a Steak Tuesday so of course we had to order steak both of us. And I'm not gonna lie, it was delicious!

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