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The last couple of weeks have been hectic. I'll tell you about them both, but this post is all about the week before last week. 

So, the week after graduation I was enjoying life with no stress. Don't you think it's weird, when if you're not in school you might think it would be cool to be back. Like you think you wouldn't be suffering from different symptoms of stress and you'd do well in everyting and had the endless energy to study and get the highest grades. In reality when you get to school and it starts rolling in full speed, you realize you've lost yourself behind book piles and endless to do-lists. 

The first week I was free of stress and my to do- lists I realized I had all  the time in my hands. I felt a bit lonely not having to go to work nor to school and not having anyone around me. Luckily I was asked to work on couple of days and the crazy days started at Stockmann on Wednesday. 
I also met Laura in town, we did a lot of shopping. The rest of the week went buy way too quickly. I went shopping on the other days as well, and on Sunday I had my mum visiting me. We cleaned up my flat properly and packed as I was leaving for a holiday for the next week.

Gotta say, packing is not my thing anymore. I used to love it but after traveling so many times these past three years I've grown to hate it. Trying to figure out what you'll need the next week or so is not an easy task. At least it pays off when you get to your destination. 

I'm so happy my mum came to visit. She made us the perfect salad and we had so much fun. I'm so happy I've come to realize how lovely my mum is. She means so much to me. 

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