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Three weeks ago I was celebrating a big event for me.


At the end of March I graduated and became a nursery nurse. 
I was so happy and proud of myself. It was a big milestone for me. Studying wasn't always as easy as you may think it was, especially when being a nursery nurse used to be my dream job when younger.
Working with children is rewarding and the best thing is to see the children's development. Still, I can't lie, I hated every bit of studying. School wasn't my thing. 

The fact that someone is always walking behind you like a tail and assessing your every move was bothering me on every placement. I felt like I couldn't breathe. The blame wasn't on my tutor's, they were really good and taught me a lot. The reason why I  felt it uncomfortable was that I knew what I was doing but I was scared that I would do something wrong even though I knew it what I did wasn't wrong.
 The biggest reason why everything was bothering me while studying was probably the fact that I had a lot of experience on child care in nurseries before starting my studies and I felt like I didn't learn anything new on our lessons at school. Most of the things I studied from books were obvious to me and I had already learnt those things at work. 
So, for months finding motivation was difficult and studying was a  nightmare. I was counting the days til graduation. 

On graduation day I was nervous as hell. I woke up early and had my hair done. Then the next 8 hours I only had to wait til the ceremony which was on the evening. The time was dragging and I found the perfect way to spend the afternoon.Listening to old favourite songs and singing along. All of a sudden I remembered how good the songs were and got huge flashbacks from the old times. 

The ceremony was short and nice, I was so proud of myself. I finally had a profession.
Since then I've been so happy and been at ease, no pressures of any due dates of papers that has to be done nor any placements. I'm just so happy my child care studies are over now and I can concentrate on doing my job as well as I can. 


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